Britain and the United States began to search for an alternative to GPS because of Russia

London is considering the possibility of providing an alternative navigation system on the OneWeb platform and is negotiating with the American NextNav; the latter is also cooperating with the US authorities on the possible replacement of GPS “Britain and US start searching for alternatives to GPS because of Russia” />

The UK and the United States are looking for alternatives to GPS satellite navigation because of possible threats from Russia, according to The Times.

British Deputy Secretary of Defense Jeremy Quinn said the UK government “needs to be on the lookout” as he said Russia was attempting to jam the GPS signal during the fighting in Ukraine. “Both sides are using a range of possibilities. We need to learn from this and continue to work on our own innovations in this area, & mdash; he told the newspaper.

As the Times writes, London is considering the possibility of creating a satellite navigation system, including on the platform of the British OneWeb and the American NextNav. The latter is currently negotiating with the British government to deploy a ground-only navigation system in London and Manchester.

NextNav chief executive Ganesh Pattabiraman said the company is also working with the US authorities to try to create a system that can replace GPS “due to the threat it is under from Russia and other [countries]”. According to him, the abrupt cessation of GPS operation will disable power supply systems, mobile phones, destroy the banking system and make it difficult to use precision weapons.

The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy of the United Kingdom government told the publication that the authorities are considering “a range of options for enhancing security”; countries, including non-satellite alternatives to GPS.

On March 19, the head of Roskosmos Dmitry Rogozin said that the United States, as part of the sanctions, is considering the possibility of disconnecting Russia from GPS, without providing details to support his words. At the same time, he urged the Russians “not to strain,” since the NIS “GLONASS” will continue to work.

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OneWeb previously collaborated with Roskosmos; on the issue of launching satellites into near-Earth orbit, but on March 3, the board of directors of the British company decided to suspend preparations for all planned launches of its satellites from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. This happened after the Russian state corporation demanded that the UK withdraw from OneWeb's shareholders


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