Brass-A-Holics – Running Live lyrics

I don’t really wanna slow it down.
I just kinda wanna keep it going
Cause everybody is jamming and having fun
While we doing what we do on the run
We rock it none stop of the chain
Playing this music this is our thing
Feeling that band what they call it
Word on the street is the Brass-a-holics.
That’s what hear when you up in the club and and you
See the Brass-a-holics and we tearing it up
Because we so live no jive we go and get it
And we threw in the clutch we coming with it
We gotta keep going gotta keep running
Gotta stay focused gotta keep gunning
Gotta enjoy it gotta have fun and
Running gunning fun and
Gotta keep running
And you trying to find me
But I’m on the run
Gotta keep running and you keep trying stop me
From being number #1
So I think I might Go go Go go Go go
Then again I might Go go Go go Go

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