BONES – Chrome Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
You got a false image
Bitch, I got no limits
You trip, I slap a clip in
I’m banging chrome finish
Don’t be another victim
You pussies try to fit in
This fuckin’ scene is sickenin’
It’s scary how I’m livin’

[Verse 2]
I fall asleep and pass away, then wake up blunt twistin’
Even if I’m drowning like Whitney, I keep a razor with me
Cool it down like New Edition, then go froze when you see me
I don’t fuck with the city, rather be in the forest
Solar cells up on my cottage, hear the birds in the morning
Earl Grey in my kettle
Off the grid how I settle
Super [?] how I travel
This how I cope with my mental
I engrained myself in history bitch I’ll be here forever

I be so on my shit I’ma foreclose your [?]
No, you not like me
So when night fall she dip, dip
Pager all on my hip, hip
Whole game on my dick, dick
Motherfuck yo clique, give a fuck what you think, bitch

I lift it up and I’m shaking the earth
Sharpen my blade and I’m bringin’ the hurt
Deep in the dirt, hittin’ the curb
Bitch don’t talk to me, don’t get on my nerves
Cashed as a bitch now I’m slurring my words
This my confession, I’m letting it burn
Told you already, bitch when will you learn?
SESH is forever till I’m in the earth

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