Bob Gaulke – Fandom lyrics

Fred and Catherine make love in my head
I hear them bite when I dream
Pulling strings tied in wires
And reverb plates hammers pounding

You might think they live in my room
Screaming at such a volume
You might think I’d shut them up
Wouldn’t you

Making things they keep me guessing
With interesting songs to sing
It’s irritating when you do things everyday
That don’t make you happy

Fred and catherine play night and day
They don’t do an office routine
Fred and Catherine take me to places I’ve never seen

In days when I can’t see beyond times colored gray and green
In nights when imagination’s warmth holds me as close as a love could be

In a life as short as this where nothing
Seems to resist this very seductive technology

Fred and Catherine live ten thousand miles away in Paris, France
Fred and Catherine are my best friends; we’ve never met

My money goes to a company that pays them royalties
They make what they feel; somehow it makes me happy

I don’t stay long depressed I don’t get upset
I escape to a place that doesn’t exist
Lonely in my bed I listen to Catherine and Fred
Some day I’m gonna live like them

Verse: F#7/F#9/B
Chorus: Dmaj7/Dadd9aug5/D9sus4
Bridge: B/E/C#/F#/C#

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