Biden signed a bill to allocate $ 40 billion to Ukraine

The bill provides for the allocation of $ 40.1 billion to Kyiv in the form of additional appropriations for the 2022 financial year. Earlier, the US Senate said that the new aid package is designed to help Ukraine “open the port of Odessa”

Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden signed a bill that provides for additional assistance to Ukraine. This is stated on the website of the White House.

“On Saturday, May 21, 2022, President [Biden] signed H.R. 7691, Law on Additional Appropriations for Ukraine 2022,— The report said.

This bill provides for $40.1 billion in additional appropriations for Kyiv for fiscal year 2022.

Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said earlier that the new a $40 billion aid package to Ukraine is meant to help it “open the port of Odessa.”

On May 19, the US Senate approved the allocation of $40 billion in aid to Ukraine by a majority vote, despite the fact that consideration of the bill was blocked by Republican Senator Rand Paul.

aid to Ukraine since 2021 has reached $60 billion, which would accelerate the growth of inflation in the United States. As a result, the document was passed, bypassing the senator's veto with the help of procedural steps.

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According to Bloomberg, $6 billion will go to direct security assistance to Kyiv, $8.8 billion— for economic support, $9.05 billion— to replenish stockpiles of weapons from the Pentagon, $ 4 billion— to other countries supplying weapons to Ukraine, $4.35 billion— for global food and humanitarian aid, and $700 million— for global food funding from the State Department.

Initially, Biden asked Congress for $33 billion to support Ukraine, but Congress proposed to increase the amount to $40 billion, adding money to help with food and military equipment.

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev considered the goal of assistance to be “the continuation of the proxy war against Russia, the desire to inflict a heavy defeat on our country.”

In In March, Biden signed a law on the allocation of $ 13.6 billion to Ukraine for military equipment and training of the Ukrainian military.

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