Biden named the US goal in the conflict in Ukraine

Biden: The United States will continue to help Ukraine, but will not directly participate in the conflict Washington does not want a war between Russia and NATO and will not put pressure on Kyiv to make concessions to Moscow, he pointed out

Joe Biden

The United States has no intention of directly engaging in a conflict in Ukraine until it or its allies are attacked, US President Joe Biden wrote in an op-ed for The New York Times.

Biden pointed out that the fighting in Ukraine has been going on for the fourth month, and in these conditions, he considers it necessary to clearly define the goals of the United States. “America's goal is simple: we want a democratic, independent, sovereign, and prosperous Ukraine that has the means to deter and defend against further aggression,” he stressed.

The US President also listed what the US would and would not do. According to him, Washington intends:

  • to supply Kyiv with more modern missile systems and ammunition that will allow it to “more accurately strike key targets on the battlefields in Ukraine”;
  • continue to supply modern weapons, including Javelin anti-tank missiles, Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, artillery and high-precision missile systems, radars, unmanned aerial vehicles, Mi-17 helicopters;
  • continue to provide financial assistance to Kyiv;
  • cooperate with allies and partners on sanctions against Russia;
  • work to overcome the global food crisis;
  • help European allies and other countries reduce their dependence on Russian fossil fuels;
  • strengthen NATO's eastern flank.

At the same time, Biden stressed, the United States does not want to allow war between Russia and NATO. Washington will not:

  • try to bring about regime change in Russia;
  • send US troops to fight in Ukraine or attack Russian troops;
  • encourage Ukraine to inflict strikes outside its borders;
  • put pressure on Ukraine so that it makes “any territorial concessions”; Russia.

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According to Biden, Russia's negotiations and Ukraine have reached an impasse, but not through the fault of Kyiv, which, as Moscow insists, carried out “sabotage”; negotiation process, but because the Russian side decided to “take control of as much of Ukraine as possible.” He stated that Washington supports Kyiv in efforts “to achieve a negotiated end to the conflict.”

In his article, the US President also indicated that many in the world are concerned about the possible use of nuclear weapons. According to him, Washington sees no signs that Russia intends to use it (Moscow has repeatedly stressed that, in accordance with military doctrine, such weapons can be used if the existence of the state is threatened).

Since the beginning of the military operation in Ukraine, the United States, like other Western countries, supplied Kyiv with several shipments of weapons, but at the same time refrained from transferring heavy equipment for a long time due to fears about Moscow's reaction. On the eve of Biden said that the United States will not supply Ukraine with missile systems capable of reaching Russian territory. The next day, the White House announced the decision to transfer HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems to Kiev. They stressed that the Ukrainian military will not use them to strike targets in Russia. MLRS will be transferred as part of a new $700 million military aid package.

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