Bhad Bhabie – Who Run It Freestyle lyrics

Realest bitch alive and I’m only in my teens
Bring the smoke my way and I’ma make your forehead face a beam
Eat the pavement if you hatin’, need my paper, I’m impatient
Fans is waitin’, finna hit the road, got sold out shows with Asian
[?] I’m blazin’, mami, get out of the city, you racin’
I’m bringin’ bars, bars, bars, all my competition caged in
I’m gettin’ 50 and up in a day
You still gon’ piss in a cup [?]
Pissy pussy hoes all in my face
Think they might make me get back to my ways, wait
I need a breather, kill a ho just like she havin’ a seizure, ayy
Need a vacation, when I’m off tour I might go to Ibiza, ayy
Gucci my sneakers, been in the game and you hoes on the bleachers, ayy
Woah, a milli’, I reach it, breakin’ the bank, I make more than my teachers, ayy
When I look around, don’t see nobody in my lane
See these rappers need the clout, that’s why they always say my name
I’m only gettin’ better, bitter bitch it ain’t gon’ change
Why you tryna hang around me, bitch, get off ’cause you ain’t gang
You ain’t gang, treat you like a stain
All my biz is straight, I’d still be good without the fame
I got so many cousins, aunts, uncles that I never knew
On me for my revenue, I’m big now like I’m 7’2″
New whip and my leather smooth, try me, I’ma play it cool
Windows down, AC blowin’, 20 below, I’m extra cool
You lookin’ fed up ’cause of my bread up, I keep my head to the sky
Run up, [?] and I’m back to [?] where I’m droppin’ the fire
Who want it? Tell me, bitches, who blunted?
You ain’t know my crew run it? All we see is blue hundreds
On my dash, 200, these bitches sad and can’t run it
Ho I’m a star, you wanna walkthrough you better tell me who fundin’

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