Benefits, fitness deduction, vehicle inspection. What’s coming into force in 2022?

In 2022, the size of pensions, maternity capital, cadastral value of housing and minimum wages will change. In addition, & nbsp; families with two children will be exempted from personal income tax when selling an apartment. And Russians from 2022 will have a new type of social tax deduction. & Nbsp;

What laws come into force next year, says

Pensioners will index pensions & nbsp;

In 2022, pensioners are expected to index payments, social benefits and new rules for the inheritance of pensions. From January 1, 2022, old-age insurance pensions for non-working pensioners will be increased by 5.9%, and on April 1 next year, the increase will also affect social and state pensions. The size of these payments will grow by 7.7%. From October 1, 2022, the military pension is also expected to increase by 4%.

Pensioners living in rural areas, if they have worked for 30 years or more in the village, will be paid a supplement of 25% of the fixed payment. In addition, from January 1, this payment will not be lost when moving to the city.

In addition, the deceased's legal heirs will be able to receive the pension. They must send a corresponding statement to the FIU. Within three working days, the fund will provide a certificate of the amount not received. It will be paid to the heirs in connection with the death of a pensioner without any time limit.

The conditions for the payment of unemployment benefits to orphans will be changed

From January 1, 2022, to those who are looking for a job for the first time (did not work before); orphans who were first recognized by the employment service as unemployed; as well as children left without parental care, unemployment benefits will be paid in a special manner. Starting from the new year, the allowance will be assigned to persons who worked in their free time, regardless of whether a referral was given from the employment service.

According to the current law, orphans who are looking for work for the first time receive an allowance for six months. the size of the average salary in the region. But this applies only to those orphans who, during the period of full-time study, were temporarily employed in the direction of the employment service. And for those who worked part-time in their free time without a referral from the employment service, this rule does not apply.

Some social benefits can be obtained remotely

From January 1, 2022, citizens claiming benefits for temporary incapacity for work, pregnancy and childbirth, as well as monthly child care benefits no longer need to write applications. The Social Insurance Fund (FSS) will assign and pay benefits. The fund will receive all the necessary information without the participation of citizens:

  • information about the amount of wages, maternity leave & mdash; from the employer;
  • information about the fact of the birth of a child & mdash; from the information system of the registry office;
  • other required information & mdash; from state bodies, bodies of state extra-budgetary funds, local self-government bodies and organizations subordinate to them.

All sick leave will be electronic

From January 1, the paper version of the sick leave no longer needs to be processed. All information about the visit to the doctor will come from the clinic to the FSS. At the same time, the fund will inform the employer about the opening of the sick leave, its extension and closure, and the information about the patient will be clarified by the Pension Fund (PFR) and the Federal Tax Service (FTS).

The maximum sick leave benefit in 2022 was increased to 2,582 rubles 60 kopecks per day. That is about 80 thousand rubles a month. If the insurance experience is at least eight years, then sick leave is paid as 100% of the average earnings. If a person has been working for 5-8 years, then the payment is charged at the rate of 80% of earnings. With an insurance record of up to five years & mdash; & nbsp; 60%. & Nbsp; From September 1 of this year, in the maximum amount, regardless of the employee's insurance record, sick leave is paid for caring for children up to 8 years old.

The minimum wage will be increased by more than 1 thousand rubles. & nbsp;

From January 1, 2022, the minimum wage (minimum wage), which is taken into account when calculating payments for childbirth and pregnancy and childcare benefits for one and a half years, will amount to 13,890 rubles. In 2021, it was 12 792 rubles per month. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

In territories where an emergency regime has been introduced, pensions can be paid ahead of schedule & nbsp;

From January 2022, new rules for the payment of pensions will come into force. The delivery and payment of pensions in the territories where the emergency regime has been introduced will be earlier than the established date. For this, the recipient must notify the Pension Fund (PFR). The pensioner will also be exempted from deductions from the pension if he is declared bankrupt. & Nbsp;

Families with two children will be exempted from paying personal income tax on the sale of housing & nbsp;

From January 1 & nbsp; families with two or more children will be exempted from paying 13% of personal income tax when selling a home. & Nbsp; To receive a benefit, you must meet five conditions:

  • two or more minors must live in a family children (or children under 24 years of age studying full-time);
  • new real estate must be purchased in the same calendar year in which the old one was sold, or no later than April 30 of the following year (under the contract of equity participation in the construction must be full payment);
  • the total area of ​​the acquired dwelling or its cadastral value must be greater than that of the property sold;
  • the cadastral value of the sold dwelling must not exceed 50 million rubles;
  • at the time of the sale of the dwelling, neither from the taxpayer , nor his children should own any other housing, the total area of ​​which is more than half of the area of ​​the acquired housing.

You can get a tax deduction for fitness classes & nbsp;

From January 1, 2022, you can get a & nbsp; tax deduction for sports activities. For deduction, you can indicate all the amounts spent on sports for yourself and children under the age of 18. & Nbsp;

You can apply for a deduction & nbsp; from January 1, 2023 to the tax office at your place of residence, or in 2022 & nbsp; write a statement to the employer. He will no longer withhold personal income tax from his salary. & Nbsp; To receive a deduction for fitness, it is necessary that the sports club or individual entrepreneur be included in the appropriate list, which is approved annually by the government. & Nbsp;

The maximum amount with which you can receive compensation is 120 thousand rubles a year. It includes not only fitness expenses, but also other deductible expenses, such as training or medical treatment. Thus, the maximum amount that can be counted on will be 15.6 thousand rubles per year.

Russians will be issued certificates of postponed COVID-19 in terms of antibody levels

From January 1, Russians will be issued certificates of the transferred COVID-19 in terms of the level of antibodies. Citizens who believe that they have had a coronavirus, but have not reported infection anywhere, will be offered to be tested for antibodies. Those who test positive will be able to receive a certificate of the transferred disease for a period of one year. Those who do not have PCR test data, but at the same time have confirmed a high level of antibodies, will be issued a certificate for six months. Also, the Russians vaccinated against COVID-19 with foreign vaccines, after passing the test for the level of antibodies, will also be able to receive a certificate for a period of six months.

Matkapital will be indexed according to actual inflation

From February 1, maternity capital will be indexed according to actual inflation, based on the consumer price growth index for the previous year. In the same manner, the size of the remaining part of the mother capital funds will be reviewed. In 2022, taking into account inflation, the size of the capital at the birth or adoption of the first child will be 503,237 rubles, and in the case of the birth of the second and subsequent children – & mdash; RUB 665,009

The cadastral value of housing will increase

From February 1, 2022, the cadastral value of housing will increase. This is due to the sharp rise in the market value of apartments in 2020. The state cadastral assessment is carried out every two years, but due to the pandemic, the last time it was carried out in 2018. In the Moscow region, the cadastral value of housing will increase by 21.4% on average. As for commercial real estate, it will also increase in price by about 3 to 8%.

In addition, from February 1, the cadastral registration data will reflect information on the recognition of an apartment building as emergency. This information will also be indicated in the extract from the register. This way, potential home buyers will be able to avoid the hassle of investing in unlivable properties.

Vaccination certificates will be renewed by March 2022

Until March 1, all previously issued certificates will be replaced with new ones. Russians through the portal “ Gosuslug '' began to receive a new certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 or postponed coronavirus. The QR code now reflects information about the vaccination given, contraindications to it, as well as the timing of the disease if a person was sick with COVID-19. All information is presented in two languages ​​& mdash; & nbsp; Russian and English.

Drivers will be fined for lack of technical inspection & nbsp;

From March 1, 2022, drivers will be fined for driving without a diagnostic card. & Nbsp; The amount of the fine & nbsp; & mdash; & nbsp; 2 thousand rubles. To avoid repeated fines, the card must be issued within 24 hours from the moment the violation was revealed.

According to the law adopted by the State Duma on December 22, the owners of cars and motorcycles & nbsp; you will no longer need to undergo a technical inspection and receive a diagnostic card in order to issue an MTPL policy and go on the road. & nbsp; Mandatory technical inspection will remain if the vehicle is older than four years and needs to be registered or register a change of owner (for example, when selling ). In addition, the procedure will remain mandatory when changing the design or replacing the main units.

Regional leaders were forbidden to be called “ presidents ''

From June 1, the regions will be able to establish in their charter what their leader will be called. The title of the position will not be able to use the words “ president '' and the Russian Federation. According to the law on a unified system of public power in Russia, the head of the region can be dismissed by the President of the Russian Federation, including in connection with the loss of confidence. Also, the governor can remain in office for two consecutive terms.

Compulsory health insurance policies will be transferred to digital format

From July 1, newborns will not need medical policies on paper. The main and only document when visiting a doctor will be a birth certificate.

And from January 1, 2024, when applying for medical help, it will be possible to present any identity document. Citizens themselves will be able to decide which policy will be more convenient for them to use: paper or in the form of a card.

Registration at the place of residence will become easier & nbsp;

The registration procedure at the place of residence or at the place of temporary stay will be transferred to electronic format from July 2022, it will be possible to issue it through the State Services portal. To obtain a residence permit, it is enough to visit the registering authority once after submitting an application for registration through the portal. After processing the request, the citizen will only have to put down the registration mark in the passport.

Russians will be able to issue electronic duplicates for documents & nbsp;

From July 1, Russians will be able to receive electronic duplicates for documents. There are 19 documents in total, including:

  • military ID;
  • documents confirming the right to receive social support;
  • certificate of adoption;
  • medical certificates;
  • court decisions;
  • documents on education;
  • certificates of the registry office;
  • documents on disability;
  • documents on education and qualifications (including those issued abroad) & nbsp;

The electronic version of the latter can be made, even if they were received abroad. The MFC employee will scan the document, certify it with an electronic digital signature and return it to the owner. After that, the duplicate will be stored in your personal account on the State Services portal. Further, when contacting the MFC or authorities, paper originals of documents will not be required.

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