Aydınlık reported a “human shield” from Turkish ships in Odessa

More than 20 Turkish ships cannot leave the ports of Odessa – the authorities, therefore, intend to protect themselves from the assault by Russian forces by the risk of tension between Moscow and Ankara, sources say Aydınlık

The Ukrainian authorities are preventing the exit of foreign ships, including 21 Turkish ones, from the port of Odessa in order to prevent the assault on the city by Russian forces, the newspaper of the Patriotic Party of Turkey Aydınlık reports without specifying the source of the information. At the end of February, the head of the association, Dogu Perincek, supported Russia's actions in Ukraine.

According to the publication, out of 21 ships, four sail under the Turkish flag, while 17 use the flag of another state, but belong to Turkish citizens. They are not allowed out of the port, explaining this by security measures and the presence of mines in the sea.

The newspaper notes that Russia has opened the corridor, but ships still cannot leave the port of Odessa, as the authorities fear that this will lead to an assault. If Turkish ships are damaged due to the strike of Russian forces, this will lead to tension between Moscow and Ankara, Aydınlık sources are sure.

Aydınlık also reported on the attack of armed persons in the Odessa port of Chernomorsk on the Turkish ship Rahmi Yagci. The captain turned to the authorities for help and asked permission to leave the port, where the ship has been since February 22. According to the newspaper, the authorities cited the presence of mines in the sea, but on February 26, a Liberian cargo ship was allowed to leave the port with escort ships.

Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Russian president, said in mid-May that Ukrainian ports were “heavily mined and the waters are now extremely dangerous for navigation.” A very complex demining operation needs to be carried out there, he added. Peskov also stressed: “So far, the danger for navigation and for navigation in general in those parts, for navigation, is very, very high.” The Russian Ministry of Defense has repeatedly stated that they are opening humanitarian corridors for foreign vessels in Ukrainian ports.

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