Attempted on the life of the Haitian prime minister

Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henri was assassinated, he was not injured Prime Minister Ariel Henry was not injured, but at least one person was killed in the shootout and several others were injured. Prior to this, the armed groups warned Anri about the danger

Ariel Henri

​​The Prime Minister of Haiti, Ariel Anri, was assassinated, Telesur reports.

Unidentified persons tried to shoot Anri during the ceremony in honor of the 218th anniversary of the independence of the republic, which took place in the city of Gonaives. The attack took place when the prime minister was leaving the church where the service was being held. The Prime Minister was not injured, but at least one person was killed in the shooting and several others were injured.

As the channel notes, the armed groups had previously warned Anri that he should not come to Gonaives. Because of this, the territory of the event has been strengthened.

On July 7, Haitian President Jovenel Moise was shot dead. Attackers broke into his home and opened fire, his wife was injured. The assassination of the head of state took place amid protests and a difficult political environment. The security forces detained more than 20 suspects in the murder of Moise.

On September 10, the Haitian prosecutor's office demanded that Henri be granted the status of a defendant in the murder of the president. Prosecutor Bed-Four Claude asked the investigators to ban him from leaving the country. The next day, the premier was summoned to the prosecutor's office, after the mobile operator confirmed that he spoke on the phone with one of the alleged assassins of the president a few hours after his death.

After that, Henri signed an order to remove the prosecutor from office. Franz Louis Just was appointed to the post.

Moise appointed Henri to the post of prime minister two days before his death. By the time of the murder, Anri had not yet had time to be sworn in, so the acting governor took over the country. Prime Minister Claude Joseph. 20 July Henri took office.

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