Antonov accused the United States of distorting the facts about the food crisis

The Russian Ambassador to the United States called Moscow's accusations of provoking a food crisis in the world “extremely destructive” and recalled the sanctions 4/61/756518149938614.jpg” alt=”Antonov accused the US of distorting the facts about the food crisis” />

The US is distorting the facts, accusing Russia of provoking the global food crisis, said Russian Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov; his words are quoted by the embassy in Telegram.

“[Americans] refuse to acknowledge the impact that miscalculations and systemic errors in the macroeconomic, energy and climate policies of the United States and its allies have had on the situation,” — Antonov said in response to a request for comment on State Department claims that the Russian military operation in Ukraine is contributing to the food crisis.

The diplomat called such attacks on Russia “extremely destructive.” He recalled the sanctions against Moscow, primarily the disconnection of a number of Russian banks from the SWIFT settlement system and the restrictions on the transport sector, which “directly affected” on the ability of the state to export goods.

The head of the Russian diplomatic mission noted that the country, “despite adverse external circumstances”, will continue to supply agricultural products, fertilizers and energy.

“The situation would have been different if individual states had not created artificial barriers,” — concluded Antonov.

The day before, State Department spokesman Ned Price said that the problem of food insecurity was exacerbated by Russia's actions in Ukraine.

Read on RBC Pro Pro From September 11 to the pandemic: how Booking Holdings overcame crises managers will survive in the next two years Articles Pro China's economy is falling, but the authorities deny everything. Is a crisis possible in China Articles Pro What will we eat? What are the threats to the food market in the new realities?At the end of March, French President Emmanuel Macron warned of the risk of an “unprecedented” food crisis due to events in Ukraine. His American colleague Joe Bidens agreed with this.

Russia and Ukraine — one of the world's largest suppliers of wheat, follows from a report by the US Foreign Agricultural Service of the Department of Agriculture. In the 2021–2022 season that began in July, Russian suppliers accounted for 16% of wheat exports in the world, Ukrainian— ten%. The European Union is in the lead: it supplies 18% of wheat, the USA exports 11%.

At the same time, Ukraine ranks first in the export of corn in the world: it accounts for 14% (Russia— 2%).

In early May, Martin Frick, director of the UN World Food Program (WFP) office in Germany, said that almost 4.5 million tons of grain was stuck in Ukrainian ports. He urged not to use hunger as a weapon, either politically or economically.

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