And deer are better. New workshops and directions are opening in colleges

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On the basis of colleges and technical schools of the country, professional workshops with modern equipment are being opened for training professions in demand on the labor market. They allow not only to improve the quality of student learning, but also to make learning more interesting and practice-oriented. By 2024, 5000 such workshops will be opened in the country.

One of the main tasks of the Education National Project is to improve the quality of secondary vocational education as well. The creation of workshops equipped according to WorldSkills standards makes the learning process more interesting, since the conditions are as close as possible to real practice.

At the congress of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the President of the country Vladimir Putin stressed the relevance of improving the system of secondary vocational education.

“ There is tremendous growth in technical schools: 1 million 200 thousand schoolchildren go to colleges. This is about two-thirds, 60% of ninth-graders. This is also thanks to you, thanks to the efforts of the state, because it has become more interesting to study, incentives have appeared and the level of income, wages has increased, and it has become more interesting. All these competitions are international, national, WorldSkills and so on & raquo ;, & mdash; noted the president.

In Russia, 5 thousand industrial training masters improve their qualifications annually, and the contest “ Master of the Year '' is held for college teachers.

“ Professionalism '' & mdash; one of the initiatives of the socio-economic development of Russia. It is aimed at improving the quality of training for secondary vocational education programs, accelerating graduates' entry into the labor market, including citizens in the real sector of the economy, restructuring the training system for the needs of citizens and employers, and introducing a new level of education.

Several modern workshops were opened at the Ufa College of Statistics, Informatics and Computer Engineering following the results of the IX National Championship “ Young Professionals ''. Students now have more opportunities for hands-on training in accordance with modern standards and cutting-edge technology. Development of virtual and augmented reality, machine learning, web technologies, prototyping and development of mobile applications & mdash; all this will be taught to college students. The opening ceremony of the new workshops was attended by the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Bashkortostan Inessa Kosolapova and the director of the college Sayfutdin Kunsbaev.

“ With the new workshops, the training of mid-level specialists will contribute to the high-quality training of the demanded personnel in the field of information technology for enterprises and organizations of all sectors of the economy '', & mdash; noted the director. So, for example, in the workshop “ Development of virtual and augmented reality '' students will develop in this dynamic industry. Virtual and augmented reality applications are already actively used in many areas as convenient control interfaces, simulators, programs for an innovative form of education, in the entertainment sector, and in business.

In the near future, technologies in this area will become a part of everyday life. Popularization of AR/VR and training of qualified personnel should become one of the most important priorities in the system of innovative education. Thanks to the opening of the workshop, the college will be able to graduate professionals such as game designers or, for example, 3D artists.

In the near future, it is planned to hold career guidance events at the college, including about new workshops where you can get your first profession.

In the Volgograd region innovative workshops are opening in colleges: 79 modern sites were created from 2019 to 2021. This is the largest number in the country. In 2022, 12 more workshops will be equipped, in 2023 and 2024 & mdash; 15. New machinery and equipment allow young professionals to hone skills in demanded areas, help prepare for WorldSkills professional championships and conduct demo exams. & nbsp;

Future participants of the competence “ Organization of excursion services '' championship WorldSkills Russia in the workshop “ Information and excursion activities '' at the Volgograd College of Technology is coached by a student and a gold medalist of the 2021 championship Vlada Karmanova. Classes are held in the training workshop “ Information and excursion activities '' three times per week. Vlada Karmanova is a 3rd year student at the Department of Hospitality and Advertising in the specialty “ Tourism ''. In the tourist and excursion direction, Vlada most of all likes interaction with people and the opportunity to travel. “ I think that achieving a goal requires sincere desire and patience. If a person knows what he wants and what he needs to do for this, success is guaranteed '', & ndash; noted the medalist. & nbsp;

Vlada is studying English and Chinese, and is also preparing to enter the university and pass exams. “ For me, the exam '' it is about the opportunity to gain even more skills and new knowledge in another field of activity. I really want to become a simultaneous translator or a manager for working with foreign partners. I believe that a young professional should be able to present himself well and make quick decisions when changing any situation, be it study or work, & mdash; she said

In the new workshops of the Gorno-Altai Polytechnic College named after Gnezdilov passed demo exams. “ They determine the level of mastering by the graduate of the material provided for by the educational program, and the degree of formation of professional skills and abilities by conducting an independent expert assessment of the practical tasks performed by the graduate in the conditions of real or simulated production processes, '' & mdash; said the director of the college Elena Basargina .

So, third-year students of the specialty “ Information Systems and Programming '' passed the demo exam in the new workshop on the competence “ Development of virtual and augmented reality ''. As a demo exam, it was proposed to complete the tasks of three modules: to provide a design document and a minimal prototype of an augmented reality application in the allotted time; create 3D models on assignment, as well as develop a clear interface and special effects; perform programming and assembly of the application. & nbsp;

Chief expert of the exam Valentina Kurakina reported that the participants successfully completed the task. “ Virtual and Augmented Reality '' dynamically developing industry. The number and quality of products released on the AR/VR platform is growing exponentially. Virtual and augmented reality applications are already actively used in many areas as user-friendly control interfaces, simulators, programs for an innovative form of education, in the entertainment sector, in business. '' Over the past month, demo exams in the new workshops of the college were held on such competencies as Electrical Installation, Mobile Application Development, Teaching in Primary Grades, and Preschool Education.

Participants of the regional championship will compete in reindeer husbandry and fishing.

In Yakutia, for the first time in the framework of the regional WorldSkills & nbsp; among the 15 competencies, traditional sectors of the North will be represented. Among the new competencies, the declared “ Mistress of the plague '', “ Reindeer breeder-machine operator '' and 'Fish Handler' on the basis of the Arctic College of the Peoples of the North in the village of Chersky. “ Yakutia needs professionals in traditional industries. The successful participation of the national team of Yakutia in the WorldSkills national championships shows that our institutions of secondary vocational education are already working according to world standards. Our task & mdash; continue to improve the status of blue-collar professions and the quality of training in these areas '', & mdash; emphasized the head of the republic Aysen Nikolaev . & nbsp;

1.5 thousand schoolchildren, employees of colleges, technical schools and people of the older generation participate in the competition at 32 sites. By the way, according to the results of the demonstration exam, Yakutia entered the top five regions-leaders in training graduates of professional educational organizations.


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