Alice Minguez – Racine Roulette lyrics

Her hands were trembling
The only thing steadying them
Ashley’s grip on the gun
Shaking them were the eyes of men

Though her heart was clamoring
She wore a nonchalant grin
It’s time to pay with your lives
Time to own up to your sins

One man a priest and one a bum
Another a father and lastly a cop
They each had wronged her
None knew the meaning of stop

Bound and gagged they wept
Thinking of their last meal
Thinking of their families
And “Can we make a deal?”

Ashley’s whole body still shook
But the men before her quaked
She took a deep breath
This was no mistake

Eyes squinting closed with tears
The men knew the end as bigger
Than their selfish gropes
Her finger on the trigger

She lifted the gun high
And they squealed with terror
But she knew these thoughts
Would never spare her

So with a cock, a squeeze, a flash
The four men looked
Ashley lay on the floor
Her red face crook’d

A fountain of crimson
Erupting from her head
But for the rest of their lives
The men knew they were dead

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