AFP learned about the mobilization of 9.5 thousand soldiers in France due to the Russian operation

AFP: France will put more than 9.5 thousand troops on alert because of the fighting in Ukraine According to AFP, France will mobilize 9.5 thousand troops because of the military operation in Ukraine. More than 1.5 thousand people will be engaged in strengthening the positions of NATO in Eastern Europe ” alt=”AFP learned about the mobilization of 9.5 thousand soldiers in France because of the Russian operation” />

In France, more than 9,500 troops will be mobilized or put on alert by the end of next week due to the Russian military operation in Ukraine, a source in the country's General Staff told AFP, Le Parisien reports.

« We will have more than 1,500 French soldiers who will be directly involved in missions to strengthen NATO's position on the eastern flank, — said the source of the agency. 8,000 military “are on alert as part of the NATO Rapid Reaction Force.”

France will send 500 troops to Romania, and another 100 people will escort the upcoming arrival of four Mirage 2000-5 fighters, which should “strengthen the air defense of the Baltic countries” in Estonia, said a source in the General Staff.

Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine on the night of February 24, President Vladimir Putin justified it by the need to protect the civilian population from “genocide”; by the authorities of the country. He called the decision a forced step and assured that Russia would not occupy the territory of a neighboring state. The Ministry of Defense claims that the shooting is carried out only on the military infrastructure of Ukraine.

According to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, 198 people died during the hostilities, more than 1.1 were affected.

France urged Russia “immediately” stop the military operation. French President Emmanuel Macron also noted that Paris is in solidarity with Kiev and is cooperating with partners to end the armed conflict as soon as possible.


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