A native of the USSR, Omarova refused to be nominated for a post in the US Treasury

A native of the USSR withdrew her candidacy for the post of head of the foreign exchange control department in the US Treasury. Earlier, Omarova was criticized by Republicans and Democrats in the Senate. The US President noted the professionalism of the candidate and said that she was subjected to “personal attacks”

A native of Kazakhstan, Saule Omarova, who applied for the post of head of the foreign exchange control department (part of the US Treasury and controls the activities of national banks) , withdrew her candidacy. This was announced by the White House.

“ I granted the request of Saule Omarova to remove her candidacy for the post in the department of foreign exchange control, '' & mdash; said in a statement by US President Joe Biden.

Biden nominated Omarova in September. “ I offered the position to Saule because of her deep knowledge of financial regulation and & lt; … & gt; careers in the private sector & raquo;, & mdash; explained the head of state in a statement.

Both Republicans and Democrats spoke out against the appointment of Omarova in the Senate. In November, five senators from the Democratic Party announced that they would not support the candidacy of a native of the USSR. As Axios wrote, they did not like Omarova's opposition to their bill to ease restrictions on banks.

Republicans accused Omarova of supporting the nationalization of the banking sector and did not agree with her opinion on the need to increase the government's role in the financial sector. Senator John F. Kennedy reminded Omarova of her Komsomol past during a Congressional hearing. In response, she stressed that she did not share the communist views.

Biden noted that Omarova managed to “ escape from her Soviet past. '' He stated that she had undergone “ unacceptable personal attacks '' by the senators.

Saule Omarova & mdash; American scientist, Doctor of Political Science. She was born in Kazakhstan and studied at Moscow State University. She currently teaches law at Cornell University. In 2006 & ndash; 2007, Omarova worked in the Ministry of Finance as an advisor to the deputy head of the department for internal finance.

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